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TTS Markets Partner Program

TTS Markets provides a unique opportunity to work with the leaders of the forex market. The partner program entitles a partner to receive a reward for each transaction performed by signed-up clients.

Company partners

Our partners are entitled to receive rewards as commission up to 25% of the spread on transactions performed by signed-up clients.

Introducing Broker

Customised partnership conditions: Greater reward benefits on transactions performed by Level 1 clients. Brokers also have the opportunity of receiving reward from transactions performed by Level 2 clients.

Forum support

Our strong and vibrant forum provides latest know-hows and informs traders about all of our services.

Regional Representative

Personalized Forex partnership program with the participation conditions: greater income, with additional opportunities to attract customers, and more.

Make money regardless of your clients
returns or how long or how much they trade

TTS Markets Adavantages

One-of-a-kind partner rewards

Reward is credited regardless of the volume of transactions

Instant withdrawals

There is no limit on how much reward you can earn

Certain types Partnership Award

Detailed statistics

What Is the Link to the agent?

After registering your trading account, as exclusive agent following link in your personal area will receive:

We, your agent using the link in the trade account opening TTS Markets performed by each customer for each completed transaction deposit your partner award.

How TTS Markets partner program work?

Distribute your agent link. Traders follow your link and opened accounts in TTS Markets. You sign-up for each transaction executed by the clients receive the award.

Partner awards are calculated?

We calculate the participant sign-up rewards of the customer's account on the basis of the type and the associated financial instrument.